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An update from Will

Aug 23, 2018

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well and having a nice week so far. I have always felt since coming back to run Bumbles after Dad became ill that it was important to include and share both in store whilst speaking with yourselves and online through our website and Facebook page our journey here and make you feel as much a part of it as everyone here is.

Jeremy has always taken huge pride in being part of the local community and making Bumbles more than just a garden centre or business and that has not and will not ever change. From helping in every way we can to help your garden dreams and ideas come to life in the spring to helping you and your family pick out the perfect tree at Christmas we take great pride in being part of the local area.

Dad has always had the idea to grow and expand Bumbles in some way to help us be able to do what we do already even bigger and better and now we are able to do just that.

Next spring our plant area shall be expanding meaning we will be able to include even more into our range here and continue to grow and make the shopping and browsing experience here even more enjoyable.

In the build up to next spring we shall be keeping you all up to date with the progress and work we are doing and look forward to exciting times in the spring! I know Jeremy, Oliver & Ross are especially excited to feel the area with lots of exciting new ranges (I of course will be encouraging this with Kristina, whilst at the same time we keep a lid on those three gentleman spending any money we have left)

I would like to thank Tim Briley for his support to me through finalising this and encouraging me to do it. And for taking charge and managing the work that has begun out in the new area. Timmy is without doubt a local ‘rock and roll’ star and his loyalty to my father myself and bumbles is something I hold in very high regard.

Below is a picture of the starting stages of our work… lots to do but we are excited to transform the area before the spring.

Jeremy, my family and myself are grateful as always for the continued support from all of our customers and we hope you are excited as we are for our expansion.


P.S Jeremy said he will be back soon please be careful of your toes as he can be quite dangerous in his wheelchair!!!

Bumbles Plant Centre planned exapansion

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