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All about Viburnum Davidii

Sep 21, 2019

Plant of the week: Viburnum davidii

The viburnum davidii seems to be one of those shrubs that has retreated to the back of most of our minds when selecting plants for the garden. This is a mistake. The Viburnum davidii is one of the most useful evergreen shrubs within our arsenal as gardeners!

Dense canopies of large glossy green leaves are adorned in late spring with clusters of delicate white flowers with a just a mild hint of pink at their bases, these flowers are followed by steel blue berries appearing in late summer into autumn.

Very hardy in this English climate and suffering from very few problems, use it as a visual anchor for taller perennials and shrubs punctuating a border and giving rhythm along with other evergreens.


At around 1.5 meters in height and spread it can be used in even the most modest of gardens.

Planting Conditions

It can tolerate all aspects, sheltered or exposed and in all types of soil from acid to alkaline. Rarely are we given such an accommodating shrub! Surely why it has gained the Royal Horticulture Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Viburnum davidii at Bumbles

In stock at Bumbles Plant Centre in generous 10L pots for £32.99… these are big specimens!

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Viburnum davidii shrub at Bumbles Plant Centre
All about Viburnum davidii shrub at Bumbles Plant Centre

Viburnum davidii shrub at Bumbles Plant Centre

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