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All about Cherry Laurel

Sep 22, 2019

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’

The Common or Cherry Laurel is a vigorous, dense evergreen shrub with large, glossy, bright green leaves, which makes an ideal hedge.

Cherry Laurel’s growth rate is relatively fast at approx 30/60cm which makes it a very economical way to achieve a good height of evergreen hedge. It should be trimmed to shape in Spring or Autumn.

Laurel is hardy and is very easy to grow, including in dense shade. Like other Laurel varieties (other than Bay Laurel), the leaves and berries of Cherry Laurel are harmful if eaten.

Planting Conditions

Suitable for normal to clay soils, full sun to full shade and inland sites

Growth Rate

Fast growing, expect 30-60cm per year


Easily maintained at 1-5m

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