Agapanthus – ‘African Lily’

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Agapanthus – ‘African Lily’

Jul 15, 2021

Here at Bumbles, we have Agapanthus!

Agapanthus, also know as the ‘African lily’ is a perennial native to South Africa. These beautiful plants are much loved for their loose showy heads in lilac, blue or white.

Agapanthus can be grown in well-drained soil in a sheltered spot in full sun. However, they tend to flower better if their roots are restricted so grow well in pots.

As they are drought-tolerant plants they cope well in a gravel garden. Full sun and well-drained soil are the secret to growing Agapanthus successfully.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles!

Agapanthus in white, blue & lilac at Bumbles, July 2021 Agapanthus, the 'African Lily' at Bumbles, July 2021 Agapanthus at Bumbles, July 2021


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