Acers in Tranquillity Corner

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Acers in Tranquillity Corner

May 15, 2021

Our tranquil corner of the plant area home to our Acer collection is now in full colour with a number of fantastic colours, shapes and sizes each with its own individual look.

A real must to enjoy and look through when visiting Bumbles throughout the spring and summer. You are very welcome to take some time to sit and enjoy the colours.

We created the ‘Tranquility Corner’ two years ago, wanting to provide a space for our customers to relax and enjoy being in nature. In his 2019 post, Will shared how important the support of Bumbles’ customers has been to him and Dad Jeremy. Will mentions how Jeremy’s vision (and now Will’s) was always for Bumbles to be much more than ‘just a business’ and to offer something for the community. Hence, Tranquillity corner was born! And how this space has grown and blossomed over the last two years, especially with the Acers now out in full colour.

Head down to Bumbles today and enjoy some relaxation in our tranquil corner, you are very welcome!

Acers in tranquillity corner at Bumbles, May 2021

Acers in tranquillity corner at Bumbles, May 2021


Colourful Acers in tranquillity corner at Bumbles, May 2021

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