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25% off all Roses

Jul 18, 2023

For all of our Rose lovers! We have a fantastic great value loyalty card offer available now in store across our Rose collection with 25% off our rose collection between now and the end of September, whilst stocks last. Enjoy a walk down our rose aisles and find the perfect rose for you, family or a friend.

25% off all roses at Bumbles Plant Centre until the end of September, while stocks last!

Rose Care

Always been wondering how to take care of your rose bushes? Here are some top tips from the Bumbles Team:

By midsummer roses have focused a lot of energy on their beautiful blooms. Therefore, we need to replenish these exhausted energy reserves. Neglected roses are unlikely to reward us with another flourish of blooms and are more likely to succumb to diseases. Follow these steps for perfect blooms;

Step 1 – Deadhead faded blooms, cutting back to just above two or three leaves behind the flowers. If the plant thinks flowers are still present it will delay the production of new flowering shoots.

Step 2 – Apply a generous helping of rose fertiliser around each plant and stir into the soil surface. Bumbles recommends Toprose and so do many of our customers! Toprose have undergone a rebranding recently and it can often not be recognised. Look out for the new packaging shown above, as well as the new brand header Phostrogen.

Step 3 – Water your roses thoroughly if the weather is dry, especially after feeding. Excessively dry soil leaves roses more susceptible to disease, especially mildew.

Step 4 – Most roses suffer from fungal diseases, especially black spot, mildew and rust. If there are just a few diseased leaves, pick them off and dispose of them. If whole stems are smothered in diseased foliage, prune them out, cutting back to lower than you would if just summer pruning. Among the Toprose brand are two excellent products Toprose Bug Killer and Toprose Fungus Control and Protect. Both products are specially formulated to control, kill and protect roses from bugs and fungal attacks and prevent future occurences.

We hope you all have a great day and look forward to seeing you soon.

25% off all roses at Bumbles Plant Centre until the end of September, while stocks last!

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